The CQCI condemns the acts of vandalism against mosques in Quebec and denounces the silence of authorities

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Montreal, 11 November 2014 – The Quebec Collective against Islamphobia (CQCI) condemns the recent attacks on four mosques in Quebec (Québec, Limoilou, Ste-Foie and St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu) and denounces the silence of federal, provincial, and municipal authorities in response to these attacks. “It is appalling to witness the complete apathy of the three levels of government towards the vandalism of places of worship for Muslims in Quebec and Canada,” declared CQCI coordinator Adil Charkaoui. According to information available to CQCI, 12 mosques in Quebec have been attacked so far in 2014. Not one of these attacks has elicited a visit, official declaration, or statement of condemnation from the municipal, provincial, or federal levels. “The recent attacks in Quebec are not isolated; these actions have been claimed by self-identified, right-wing extremist groups. This shows the urgency of challenging discourse condoning islamophobia, both in the mass media and social media," said Adil Charkaoui. The CQCI believes that since the outset of the debate on the Quebec charter of values, there has been an increase in hate groups engaged in the dehumanization and demonization of Quebecois Muslims. This relentless campaign has been pursued with impunity and has hindered the harmonious integration of Muslims into Quebec society. “In our submission to the National Assembly during the consultations on the draft charter of values, we made two recommendations which are still relevant today: setting up a plan of action against islamophobia; and launching a popular information campaign aimed at restoring social peace. Recent events confirm our apprehensions. The current government should take the mounting intolerance within Quebec seriously,” added the CQCI coordinator. Since the tragic events of St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu and Ottawa, the CQCI has received 73 complaints about islamophobic speech and acts, and has documented hundreds of islamophobic statements on the internet.


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