Media Alert

Montreal, Wednesday march 19th 2014 – The Collectif Québécois Contre l’Islamophobie (CQCI) wishes to point out to its members and supporters that it will not take part in any activity relating to the defunct project of «Charter».

Minister Drainville’s recent public deliverances (presse release, press conference, opinion letter, etc.) are clearly desperate attempts on the part of the Parti Québécois to bring to the light day a topic not considered by the population as a valid issue pertaining to the current elections!

« From here on until April 7th, the PQ has to be held accountable, has to be judged and evaluated on its performance in terms of economic outcomes, job creation, health services, education, funding for scientific research, environmental preservation, debt reduction, integration for immigrants, struggle against discrimination in general, and islamophobia specifically, etc. The record is catastrophic and all the hijabs, niqabs, kippas and turbans of the Belle Province couldn’t shroud it! » affirmed Adil Charkaoui, CQCI coordinator.

The Collectif Québécois Contre l’Islamophobie is not a community based association nor does it claim to represent the muslim community of Quebec or Canada. The CQCI is a nonprofit organism dedicated to the struggle against islamophobia in all forms and spheres of Quebecois and Canadian societies.

Finally, the CQCI does not back any particular political party, whether on the provincial or federal level. It does however, reserve itself the right to intervene in the political sphere by evaluating reports/assessments, as well as the platforms and positions of the different parties which pertain to the issue of islamophobia.

Concerning the current provincial elections, our recommendations will be made available on our website days before voting day.

The Collectif Québécois Contre l’Islamophobie
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